List Of FF Reward Codes Daily Updated

List Of FF Reward Codes Daily Updated

List Of FF Reward Codes Daily Updated.. Free Fire is one of the top battle royale games with millions of fans. It has become the most downloaded game (34M downloads) for the fact that it supports many low-end gaming devices. The game has gained decent popularity for some legitimate reasons like it gives FF reward, reward ff, Garena ff reward, ff reward Garena, ff Garena reward, ff reward code, ff reward redeem code, today ff reward code, ff reward 2022.

Free Fire has carved a niche for itself in the gaming industry by coming up with exciting events regularly. These events inspire a lot of players to participate in the event and win exciting prizes, ff rewards, and much more. Free fire game players can participate in the events and use their gaming skills to grab exciting prizes and various Free Fire rewards.

Furthermore, the Free Fire game has created a pool of characters for its players and each character comes with its own unique ability. And this feature plays an important role in increasing its user base.

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Month- Year 8th January 2022
Last update Updated every day ( in every 5-6 hours)
FF Redeem code rewards FF diamonds and characters
Ff reward Redeem codes added 1-2 free fire redeem codes per day
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ff reward and free fire reward

You and I can choose and buy a character as per your choice and need. Free Fire players sometimes buy characters that reflect their gaming abilities in some way or the other. Additionally, it sometimes adds new characters to the list to expand the options.

Free Fire also promotes esports where it gives its players an opportunity to showcase their gameplay skills and win exciting ff reward.

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Proof of ff reward and Google play redeem code

proof of ff reward
proof of free fire rewards
google play and ff reward
mrtechsonu rewards ff redeem codes

What is an FF reward?

Ff reward or free fire reward is the prize officially provided by the Garena free fire to the players. The game consistently keeps releasing the reward FF to keep the players engaging in the game. Though these codes are not directly made available to the public but can be acquired from various legitimate sources.

These FF rewards will include many exciting in-game items like free diamonds vouchers, a free pet, a loot crate, a backpack, Parachute, famous characters like DJ Alok, Surfboard, Sapphire Tokens, Gun/Vehicle skins, outfits, and the list goes on.

ff reward code

How a FF reward is provided to the users?

Free fire periodically releases the codes in the form of 12 digit alphanumeric characters. And these codes are called free fire redeem codes. These codes are released officially on social media like Twitter.

These codes can only be redeemed once by one user only. However, sometimes developers also bring out many exciting redeem codes. So you need to be active on different social media platforms and follow the official pages of free fire to grab the redeem codes quickly.

Yeah, some readers will say we can use free fire free diamonds to buy the in-game items, then why wait for the rewards?

ff reward 2021

Why do you need to get reward FF?

Yes, you can use the diamond, to purchase the favorite items of your choice. But before that, you need money to purchase expensive diamonds. And if you are a student,  buying the lowest price of diamonds also becomes very tough. So instead of spending money, players want Garena to reward ff codes.

Garena developers reward FF codes to unlock many surprising in-game items for free that otherwise would become very expensive to buy. So in short we get ff reward codes to get free fire in-game accessories for free without spending money from our parent’s pocket.

How to get FF reward?

There is no single source of FF reward. Although there is only one popular source which is the official Twitter handle of Garena Free Fire, they do not publish the code every day. However, apart from Twitter, there are many other sources. But these sources are generally unknown to the general public. Some lesser-known ways to get FF rewards are-

Purchase Membership Plans: If you purchase a subscription plan, whether it is weekly, monthly, or both, you will receive free fire rewards or Diamond Cashback. The weekly subscription costs $1.99 which offers 420 diamonds, while the monthly plan is $7.99. for 1,900

Report Bugs in Advance Server: If you find any bug in Garena Free game or in their update then this gaming company will reward FF codes for sure. But for that, you have to inform them by providing them with feedback about the bug you have noticed. And if the bug found is real then they will surely give you a nice reward ff, it can be diamond or any character.

Participate in events: As I already said, Free Fire constantly arranges sporting events, you can participate in these events to get FF rewards. For that, you can stay active on the official platform or visit our blog Mrtechsonu to get regular updates about the events. You simply attend official events and try your luck to get the reward. With the new year approaching, we think Garena may come up with a new program very soon.

Livestream: You will be watching many gamers’ Livestream. And did you know that you can also get or request them to reward FF code or FF Diamonds by watching live streams of these gamers/streamers? There are many good players who often offer ff prizes in the form of diamonds in their live streams.

Discord Giveaway: Gaming discord servers are booming nowadays. This discord is actually the platform of many pro gamers and creators. And they somehow have the idea about the garena ff reward release time and other insider news. So these discords arrange some ff Garena reward.

Mrtechsonu Blog– Friends why spend your precious time on the above-mentioned sources that will demand your lot of time? Rather you directly visit our blog and we will keep you updated with the latest ff Garena reward tricks.

😍Additional help for Free fire lovers and gamers😜:

If you want to get free fire redeem codes and Diamonds, then we have collected a bunch of tricks for ff redeem code and free fire free diamond. You simply copy & paste the code to purchase free Fire diamonds. Use these Redeem codes now otherwise someone else will grab it

FF reward redeem code today 8th January 2022

72SCU3EZ3BHF 4C36894LU4C9
3UVQ17J83ZI7 Z99U70PR8J8H

Ff reward code for specific advanced servers 8th January 2022

Friends, sometimes while redeeming the code, you may face a common error stating that the code is not for your region. This usually happens when codes are meant to build for a specific server(s). Therefore, if you use a code that is designed to be used outside of your server, you will get this error message “Failed to redeem.

This code cannot be used in your region.” It simply implies that either the code has expired or it is not made for your region. But don’t worry guys, our team always tries to collect at least 1 code for every free fire advanced server. We have clearly organized the code server-wise. You can check the code accordingly.

Ff reward redeem Code For Indian Server

Ff reward redeems code today for Indian servers: If you are running free fire on Indian servers, then here are the ff reward codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what ff reward Garena is hidden within it.

  • PM87DKR4AKS2
  • 2WQW2ZS7A2TY
  • 666F2Q5ZHK5G
  • 65D7W4DATWM4
  • T99GRLE4JS89
  • 9B5XJ8DHBRT7
  • RTY74B3GVV78
  • YFD3Z577XKS3
  • 6Y3YR2GPN490
  • W58Q2DXT6L89
  • 67GSAD365Q3E
  • 7VGC87NLFA1W
  • EEQHZ27LQ795

So you copy and paste the redeem code into Free Fire’s official redemption site. You must log in to your Free Fire account using Facebook, Google, VK, Apple ID, or Twitter accounts. After you log in to your Free Fire account, you can fill in the free-fire code you copied from our site in the rectangular box. Once the redeem code is entered it will show the reward you have earned. This reward you claimed will automatically be sent to the mail section of your Free Fire lobby.

Some Google Play redeem codes 8th January 2022


Free fire reward codes for Other servers 8th January 2022

Free fire reward redeem Code For Indonesia Server

Reward redeems code today for Indonesia servers: If you are running free fire on Indonesia servers, then here are the reward ff codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward is hidden within it.

  • LDARXHZ327
  • JM4L8A4S74
  • Y7ZL8JZP6X
  • 5C6XPUF834
  • 56YXN78GPE
  • 4K4DPD6XNW
  • T2D3H2RZFFT4
  • Y5L2ZX7VEB
  • C53A9PB9VW
  • SJMQ3Q53P2
  • 2AB66PVUYP
  • 7WFK94L5X3
  • 02T1QF8MP9CN

ff reward garena redeem Code For Thailand server

Free fire reward redeem code today for Thailand servers: If you are running free fire on Thailand servers, then here are the free fire rewards codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward is hidden within it.

  • XE6Y24LTE85N
  • DT5JZEP3R3L2
  • 65KN88YGEEHS
  • K2Z2HXPA3E9K
  • 72TPRN65JRTB
  • JT5M7E8E2GYJ

ff garena reward redeem Code For Brazil Server

ff reward code today for Brazil servers: If you are running free fire on Brazil servers, then here are the reward ff codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what free fire reward is hidden within it.

  • 4399WW7ENNUS
  • 677TULZB3K2J
  • BAE65EWG7ZW9
  • PK7X1J47DKZA
  • U65BAEAJ4X8T
  • DI4P3MY91WUH
  • DT455BW546PS
  • XX33SANFDC32
  • Q2YO31TFT325
  • UDGVE950H0L8
  • EH9E2QH1IK9L
  • WY795MMK0ZM5
  • 7LT9AD7ZSW5T

ff reward 2021 redeem Code For Vietnam Server

Free fire redeems code today for Vietnam servers: If you are running free fire on Vietnam servers, then here are the ff reward codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward is hidden within it.

  • EBA88V6E5UJ8
  • JF9WK8R93QVU
  • WB4PCBRNT739
  • CT0VTIZ9BV93
  • PM2PKSC98Y67
  • 33X7HK9CGTA3
  • FKDD98N8TH92
  • 68R3JE5JYBRF
  • FBNNF97H258R

Free fire redeem Code For Russia Server

Free fire reward redeems code today for Russia servers: If you are running free fire on Russia servers, then here are the free fire reward garena codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward ff is hidden within it.

  • 3X5TKH2HVJ8T
  • 2V99A273MNNN
  • Z49R7RV9838P
  • R6G3JUX7WH3F
  • K4P87FCDVWL5
  • NFC2D3F54RXN
  • 9XE6T8AGP9CK
  • S4C7P4A464QX

reward ff redeem Code For Mexico Server

Reward ff redeems code today for Mexico servers: If you are running free fire on Mexico servers, then here are the reward ff codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward ff is hidden within it.

  • 6K25SX7YGGDQ
  • 3Q6TG4MUA3K7
  • LK7L6UKM68GD
  • MZ874DHR6XUT
  • Y2PG5LEN7YS9
  • JVRGOE8L1081
  • HGNM7IT2C62S
  • 3BA13DNE7YV4

Free fire exciting rewards redeem Code For Middle East Server

Reward ff redeems code today for Middle East servers: If you are running free fire on Middle East servers, then here are the ff reward 2021 codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what free fire reward is hidden within it.

  • 2U956BYWZF2D
  • K7R74R3KUSDS
  • 4YA55K37WUPC
  • S96FJTQH33DP
  • 5QP7X75RD7WK
  • N2EZFHW62ZN5
  • 3QG2J3BEDQH5
  • P86ZXX3VRM7L
  • EX6J4JS9D329
  • 6A7BRBQ6M32F
  • Y8XUB4767AMF

Free fire redeem Code For Taiwan Server

Free fire redeems code today for Taiwan servers: If you are running free fire on Taiwan servers, then here are the garena reward ff codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what free fire reward is hidden within it.

  • KQ33YB737M9A
  • W7PLXP2QL7T0
  • EXL48RUQP483
  • HD282KCBM3H7
  • 3GQCJ7Q9V5L7
  • 743FU6YJFMAM
  • 5RRZ5R86C47Y
  • 9EOTLOA1SF29

Today ff reward code for Europe Server

Free fire-new redeem code today for Europe servers: If you are running free fire on Europe servers, then here are the reward codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what reward is hidden within it.

  • V85RQN6CSAA3
  • Y3XL2P3QBA6H
  • F4XQ63CYWYX2
  • W7VD4J3BRXW4
  • WD5485GWNAFD
  • Z4KE8O67AKQ3
  • IFRIWHS896J2
  • KE8D89C3SYOZ
  • CRAB1X46OFH1

New Reward Code For Malaysia Server

Reward ff redeems code today for Malaysia servers: If you are running free fire on Malaysia servers, then here are the reward ff codes for you. Try each and every code and know which code has what free fire reward is hidden within it.

  • M95RCA576ZXY
  • N3AL5H2W9HN7
  • HW3S328ZU653
  • 28UD55YT5TSQ
  • DLM88XC5TB1P
  • J70VV4MVD55Y
  • FJX1OZ1MC98S

How did our team get the reward ff?

reward ff

As we have already mentioned, to get some free fire reward codes, you have to be active on different platforms. But you must be wondering how and where do we get the codes? Well, let’s say, we can’t tell you any specific source to get a reward ff code.

Briefly, whatever the sources we have mentioned above, our team uses all those sources including discord, Reddit communities, events, Livestream giveaways to collect a single ff garena reward.

Sometimes we get the garena ff reward code at a discounted price and immediately share them on our blogs and telegram channels to help you.

How our blog helps users to acquire an garena ff reward code?

Guys, our team is always looking for new methods to get any kind of redeem codes, ff rewards, or discount code to help the free-fire players. We spend hours selecting the correct source to get the free fire reward. And during the process, we come across many apps, websites, and forums. These different channels help us to gather a good number of free fire reward materials.

Don’t worry we will definitely share some good sources with you so that you can get free fire reward/diamonds/ff codes for yourself. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that it will be quite difficult for a single person to get consistent code from different sources. This can happen only if you build a team.

Otherwise, we are there for you, our Mrtechsonu team works day and night to collect codes for our coupon codes business. And whatever remaining codes we have in stock, we gradually deliver them to you using various means.

Why does our team collect so many free fire free diamonds?

Before I go ahead I want to share one thing with you. Our team has been in the market for this discount, coupon code type for many years even before the release of the Free Fire game. We have a dedicated blog for Coupon Codes and Redeem Codes where we sell codes for payment. And sometimes we add some code/tricks to this blog to help people who can’t spend money.

How to redeem the FF reward codes?

Here is the process to redeem free fire reward-

Free Fire players must go through these steps in order to officially unlock FF Rewards. In general, there are 2 ways-

  • One way is through the Free Fire Redemption site
  • Another way is directly from the Free Fire app

Let us first know the first way to redeem the reward

  • Step 1: First, visit the official dedicated redemption website for reward ff by searching”Free Fire Redemption Site” or Click Here
  • Step 2: In the next step, you need to sign in using the platform that you have used to link your Free Fire account.
Note: You cannot use redeem codes if you step in as a guest user. You have to first link your account with any one of the login platforms available like Google, Facebook, etc at no cost.
  • Step 3: This is the last step where after logging in, you can enter the ff reward redeem code in the text box. Next click on the “Confirm” button to proceed
  • Step 4: Your free fire reward will be sent to your account within 24 hours of a successful redemption.

If you wish to use these items further, you will need to go to the ‘Collections‘ section to do so.

how to redeem ff reward
If a player uses an expired redeem code, they will receive an error message stating that the code has either already been used or is invalid.


  1. The redeemed items are located in the [Vault] tab in the game lobby. If the reward has gold or diamond then it will be automatically added to your account wallet.
  2. Any expired code or redeem code already used cannot be redeemed again.
  3. You cannot redeem rewards using any guest account. So you need to connect your free fire account to get free fire reward

Another way to redeem codes directly from the game

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire Game
  • Step 2: Now open the Luck Royale section present on the left side of your home screen.
  • Step 3: After opening the Luck Royale section, simply select the Weapon Royale option. It is also present on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 4: A pop of spin will appear and you need to spin the wheel to get garena ff reward

How do we get reward ff for free 8th January 2022?

Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free. Don’t believe us? just scroll down and you will thank us later in the comment box

Now let us tell you some indirect ways where you can get the reward of your choice absolutely free of cost.

Guys, you know to buy your favorite Free Fire in-game items, you need diamonds, and what if I say you can get free diamonds using some apps and websites? I know you would definitely like to know the working sources of Free Fire Diamond.

We have listed some of the best and 100% working sources to add Free Diamonds to your Free Fire account. Let us know how to use these apps to generate their names and codes.

Here are the genuine sources to get ff reward



dReward app is one of the most suitable platforms to win ff prizes by playing simple quiz games. This is an app to earn redeem codes along with gaining knowledge. Apart from this quiz game, you will also get a lucky spin and referral earning feature to earn more favorite prizes.

Instead of wasting your time on social media, why don’t you use your time to earn some money? And you use that money to use it in any online payment. This app enables you to earn rewards ff, that too by completing a simple activity task. It also supports the international-supported currency.

Earning App: Win Diamonds, Gift Cards & Money

This app is specifically developed to earn rewards like ff reward, diamond, and gift cards. It offers 6 different ways to earn reward ff and those include

  • #1 Daily Rewards – Open the app daily to earn free redeem codes. You use the code to get ff rewards
  • #2 Scratch Card – It also gives a free scratch every day that offers a great chance to win a redeem code. So in this way too you can get ff reward of your choice.
  • #3 Watch video – This is one of the most liked features by users. It is because you can earn by watching the same videos that you watch on TikTok, youtube, or Instagram.
  • #4 Invite friends and earn – You use the app and if it fascinated you then there is a referral option. You use the options to share it with your friends and earn more free fire reward options
  • #5 Pre Quiz – Similar to the previous app, you can enhance your general knowledge by answering simple quizzes. You get rewards when you give all the correct answers.
  • #6 Survey– This is a common feature embedded in every app where you earn money by completing some interesting surveys.

Earn Cash and Money Rewards Playing Games & Music

This is an umbrella app that brings many options to earn rewards. It has a sample of features that will indirectly help you. A prime option to earn rewards is to earn rewards by listening to free music from a collection of 100,000+ radio stations with the world’s top trending songs. You also get paid to play games from top game studios.

Furthermore, you can participate in different features including surveys, trying new games, apps, watching videos. If you do online shopping, then this app again lets you save your money in the form of cashback.

Above all, it has one exceptional feature that is they give you rewards when you travel to department stores, convenience stores, and restaurants. In a nutshell, this app is an all-rounder app that comes with a variety of options to give free fire rewards.

Cash Em All: Play & Win

Cash Em All is a free app that brings you great scope to earn real money. Its concept is as simple as that. That is play games and earn rewards

You just need to open the app and find every day a popular game from the list, play it, and collect coins. You can then exchange money to win prizes/prizes like Amazon’s free gift cards, Google Play vouchers, or transfer to a PayPal account. And from there you can get ff reward indirectly. You can also invite your friends to add extra money to your wallet.

The platform includes games starting from casual, strategy, action, puzzle to adventure, arcade, and more. You can play any game you like and lots of rewards. This is a nice and cool app to buy ff reward and any game item and you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket.

Cashyy – Play and win money

Cashyy app is another app just like the previous one. This is a completely free app devoid of any ads and in-app purchases. It has a good collection of different types of games. No need to explain anything about how to use the app.

You will understand everything clearly once you have installed and opened it. In simple words, you just install the app, find your game or mission, complete it and get rewards at the end. Rewards can be FF Reward, Google Play Redeem Codes, and Amazon Vouchers. So why wait you increase your earnings by installing both the apps.

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys

Will you believe me if I say you can make your Free Fire wallet full of FF rewards by watching TV? If yes then you are right and if your answer is no then this app will prove you wrong. media award is a simple passive money-making app that allows users to passively convert their TV, Netflix, YouTube, radio, and outdoor ads into in-app points.

The higher you score, the chances of getting a good amount also increase ultimately. You will get a paid survey that will allow you to earn rewards such as cash and gift cards and use them to receive rewards ff. You can otherwise transfer the amount directly to your PayPal

HOW TO USE THE APP? Let me give you the step

  • Download the Media Rewards App.
  • Turn on the media monitoring feature.
  • Start earning points by automatically sharing anonymous media and ad performance information.
  • Use the money to transfer money to the Play Store and from there you can buy Free Fire Rewards directly.

You will also see the options to participate in opinion polls and surveys provided by various brand partners. Your surveys help brands in many ways and they reward you for it. Not only do you get rewarded but your name is also announced on their platform including website, app, and other social media platforms.

Premise – Earn Money for Tasks

Premise is a similar earning category app where you share your opinion, take pictures in and around your city and earn money at your convenience

The Premise app provides a great marketplace for contributors to earn money by completing simple tasks. You just need to survey just about everything about your locality, share relevant local information like the location of construction area or milk price at your local store, traffic jams, local events near you, etc and Explore your city to earn top prizes.

So in simple words, you are paid for completing those easy tasks which do not even ask for any extra time from you. This is the best passive earning app to fill your pocket money. And you can use the amount to get whatever free fire reward you want by adding a free diamond to your account.

EzCash – Earn Gift Cards & Games Top Up

This is a dedicated app developed to provide redeem codes for various games like PUBG, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Call of Duty, etc. That’s why this app comes in handy for every famous game you know. You can collect coins by using many simple features like inviting people, daily check-in, scratch cards, voucher codes, sharing on social media, watching videos, and completing special offers.

Like many similar apps in the industry, you get rewards in the form of Google Play, Amazon, Playstation/PSN, Steam, Netflix. So if you refer someone you get free 50 welcome bonus coins. This game directly gives you the currency of many famous games. So you don’t need to add money to the play store to get a free fire reward

JoyWallet – Play Games Earn Rewards

Jollywallet is a completely game-oriented app. You get complete control over the app. It has a selection of 500+ single and multiplayer games that take your gaming experience to the next level. And the funny thing is that you earn by playing interesting games.

Just keep playing the game every day and earn coins and FF rewards in parallel. You will definitely enjoy this app and you can also refer this app to your friends to earn more rewards in your account.

GiftCode – Earn Game Codes

GiftCode is a watch video type app where you can earn gold by watching ads, playing wheel of fortune, or quizzes. You can explore the different variety of options to get cashback. This is a good app to watch interesting advertisements and side by side you can make money.

The app has an option of a signup bonus, where you earn good gold coins when you sign up. More coins get added to your wallet when you make this app viral and share it with your friends.


Playsmart is again a great app to earn google play redeem codes and rewards. It is an app of games, where you play and earn simultaneously. Simply install and open the app to discover many exciting games.

You need to play a good number of games that have high rewarding potential. The more you play games, the larger your earnings will be.

You can then use the earned coins and rewards to exchange with ff reward. The app has collected games of various categories like Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Arcade, and more.

You can boost your progress by using these 3 options

  • Invite your friends to add extra bonus coins into your account
  • Play the games that give good rewards
  • Everyday play games to get rewards


This app is brought by Google. Currently, it is only available in the beta version and is limited to limited testers. Its payment and reward system is fast enough to maintain the credibility of the app

The app provides access to a good number of easy tasks. The tasks you get in this app are provided by many companies across the world and they are very simple like capturing a picture of a restaurant nearby, answering survey questions about your preferences, or translating sentences from one language to another. At last, you can convert the reward to real cash and then buy your free fire items instead of looking for a free fire reward from the company

Toluna Influencers

Toluna is an amazing website to make a few bucks by completing surveys every time. One thing that makes it different from its competitor is, it has tasks that are available all the time. In fact, this website also considers every participant as a Toluna influencer.

So your job as an influencer is to share your opinion by participating in various surveys offered by companies. This survey helps famous brands to grow their business.

And in return, you will be awarded coins or points which can be used to get free Google Play redeem codes or ff rewards instantly. Just give it a try, you will really enjoy the process.

Insta earn

This is a very simple app to get money to receive a free ff reward. This app is also a “Complete task” type. The tasks generally revolve around installing and registering some trending apps.

  • You have to explore and install different app types.
  • Before that please ensure you read the terms and conditions of individual tasks at the top.
  • Tap on the read more to know every details related to the app
  • The app gives you 2 types of rewards. One is a 100% reward for every task you complete and the other is a lucky draw type.
  • Please read the terms and conditions of every job

In a nutshell, install the app, start completing the surveys, earn real cash and then convert the money to win a reward via the play store.


Loco app is worth trying app for game lovers like us to earn money by watching game/streaming videos. In addition to watching, you are paid for playing many multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Ludo, Pool, Carrom, etc.

The best part is that this app never runs short of any game quizzes. And the games are like KBC where you are paid only when you answer all the questions correctly. The coins you earned can be utilized to get ff reward.


You must know that Dream11 is a fantasy gaming platform that has gained a good name over the years. The app has included a good number of sports games like Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Kabaddi Football, etc. It is an app that enables you to select players to form a virtual team of players competing in a specific event against another team

You get points based on the performance of the team you created in the app. So you must have prior knowledge of every player you include in your virtual. You can also refer your friends. Your final points are only calculated after the game is completed. The winning amount will be credited to your bank account later after the game is completed. So you can use the amount to reward ff codes to yourself.


Skillclash is a completely new name in this field where it offers a good option to win free google play redeem code/and ff reward by playing many interesting games. Since it is a website, you do not need to install any app to earn rewards. Skillclash is a website that is easily accessible on the Chrome browser.

Stepwise guide to use the website

  • Visit the Skillclash website to grab ff reward directly.
  • First, you have to register using your mobile number
  • Once the registration is completed, you will be redirected to the home page
  • There are many trending apps present in the app. Your work is to check the winning amount associated with every game.
  • Recharge the playstore using the earned money and convert the reward to get ff reward using google pay vouchers.
  • Furthermore, you can use the spin wheel feature, play with friends, and shop to earn more rewards every day.

Lastly earn money, transfer it to any wallet like Playstore, and then use the wallet to buy ff rewards of your choice


This is an app specially developed to get a free redeem code for Google Play. You can also get PUBG UC, Free fire reward directly as a reward.

This is one of the money-making apps that gives high rewards for fewer coins. And to obtain these coins, you’ll have to complete some common tasks like watching funny videos, playing games, and filling out surveys.

It supports all international currencies, so you can earn in dollars simply by sitting in your home. The rewards can be utilized in many ways like buying Google Play redeem codes, or ff diamond. Otherwise, one can directly convert the money to a Play store redeem code and use it to get reward ff.

Gift Play

This is a gift app that provides many methods to get google play redeem codes, ff rewards, and Amazon vouchers. In the first place, you have to earn coins and then use the coins to buy free Google Play vouchers. Use the Play store money to buy your favorite ff reward

Let’s understand the steps:

  • Install the app from playstore
  • Sign in using Google Account
  • On the dashboard, the app presents several ways to make money
  • The easiest method to earn is by installing apps
  • It pays you 100 rupees to collect 10,000 coins
  • You can earn the desired number of coins
  • By using the coins you can redeem google play vouchers of Rs.100.

Sports Guru Pro

This is a fantasy sports app like MPL. The app comes with a similar earning model as that of other earning apps in the market. In short, it pays you for completing very easy tasks. Additionally, you try to use the spin and earn feature every day to increase your wallet money.

Share this app with as many friends as yours because it gives you good referral money per invite.

You can use coins to earn real money (Paytm, Phonepe, or any BHIM UPI), or can be used to buy ff reward.


Roz Dhan is a popular name in the online money-earning app world. It became trendy in a very short span of time because of its extraordinary methods that made the users earn free cash easily.

With this app, just after installation and logging in, you will get ₹50 instantly. And you can increase your wallet balance by inviting your first friend. An amount of Rs12 will be credited to your account immediately when your friend logs in.

Above all you just need to complete simple and quick tasks like playing games, reading news, checking daily horoscopes, visiting popular shopping sites, walking tasks, puzzle tasks, and completing surveys to make free money. Upon completing the “Quick Cash Task”, money will be credited and you can withdraw to your account or use it to add to your Play Store wallet.

You can use it to buy Free Fire Diamonds or redeem codes, use it in PUBG UCs, or other similar gaming apps

Just complete the tasks, earn coins, convert them to play store vouchers and then buy your ff reward. This is the indirect way to get any free fire item you want as an FF reward. It is like you are paying surprise to yourself

  • Download and install the app
  • In the next window, it will ask you to choose your preferred language
  • In the next window, log in to Rozdhan using Google or Facebook to earn ₹25 instantly.
  • You add more money to your bank by completing many interesting tasks.
  • The homepage has 4 sections at the bottom i.e. News, Earn Money, Games, and Me
  • Tap on money
  • Money section will show many good apps
  • Select and download the apps by looking at the prize amount
  • Apart from the tasks, you can also get coins for doing various daily activities
  • The app has a system of daily rewards where it pays you for checking the app continuously for 7 days.
  • You watch more videos and read daily articles to add good money to your wallet.

So by completing all these game tasks, watching videos you just have to collect rewards and convert rewards into real Paytm money then from Paytm, you can easily buy free fire items as an indirect ff reward.

GiftPlay: Free Gift Cards & Rewards Playing Games

This is the most suitable app for mobile gamers. This is a platform where you can earn by playing games from different niches like Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Arcade, and more and earn rewards to win as well.

The step is simple to earn money by playing the games and the reward may vary depending upon the duration of the game. Redeem your coins for real money using apps like Paytm or Paypal, or for a variety of top branded gift cards like Amazon Voucher cards, Google Play redeem codes and more. And then lastly use the money to buy any ff item and reward yourself as an ff reward.

Free Redeem Code

The app is as simple as the name is. You can literally earn good rewards by using the 4 simple steps

  • The 1st step is to login into the app on a daily basis. Once you log in for the 1st time in the day then you will receive a reward
  • 2nd step is to tap on the “Video” and watch the ad video to earn additional rewards
  • 3 rd step is to swipe on the scratch card to earn a free Google Play redeem code. Every day you will get 5 scratch cards. So you can use the card to win exciting google play redeem codes.
  • After getting the redeem code, simply tap on redeem to get google play to redeem code free for PUBG/BGMI and Free Fire.

Rooter App to get redeem codes

If you want to earn free diamonds for free fire by watching gaming live streams, then this app is for you. Yes, friends, this is a platform where you will get a chance to watch E-game live streams and receive daily redeem code giveaways. Side by side you can earn rewards by completing the simple daily, weekly and monthly tasks, spinning wheel to get google play gift cards.

CashKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards

Cashkarma is a reward app that pays you real money by taking surveys, completing tasks, installing apps, etc. This app has tie-ups with companies that need your opinion and review for their business. In return, they pay you for such actions.

In the beginning, earning is slow, but if you devote enough time like 1-2 hours per day then you can earn up to Rs.500. One positive aspect of this app is you will be rewarded even if you are disqualified in the survey.

You can either use the earned reward to convert them into real money using PayPal, Paytm, etc. You can also use it to redeem Google Play redeem codes, gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Starbucks. And many more.

EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

This is an excellent app for those who think they are not getting enough surveys to participate. It is an app with a similar concept of making payments, but what makes it different is that it offers an ample number of options to earn rewards.

It offers a welcome 50 bonus coins directly when you install and sign-up for the first time. You will get daily bonuses for checking apps, scratching voucher cards, sharing content on social media, and other such related hot tasks. In short, it is the source that will reward you on a daily basis.

Apart from these ways, you can use your free time to earn some bucks by playing many exciting games. You can transfer the reward to your Paytm wallet or directly use it to buy PUBG mobile redeem codes or PUBG UC.

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We will keep adding new codes and new sources to get ff rewards. Stay connected with us through our blog Mrtechsonu.com or join our telegram channel to get regular updates about everything related to ff rewards or free fire redeem codes

How to get redeem code for free fire?

You can get ff reward or ff redeem code from many good legitimate sources like the official social handles of Garena. However, to make your work easy, Mrtechsonu regularly collects the redeem codes from different sources and lists them on its blog. So you can stay touch with Mrtechsonu.com

Can I get a free fire redeem code every day?

Yes, definitely. Our website updates new codes every day. Go and catch them as fast as you can

What is today’s redeem code?

Today’s Google play redeem code is 5G7EXDB1XKGMU2C5
And free fire reward redeem code is FFAC2YXE6RF2

Do these redeem codes work?

Yes, they work. Many players are getting daily rewards. You can join our telegram to see the proof. But these codes can be redeemed only once. So whoever uses the code first will get the reward.

What can I do with these redeem codes?

You can use the code to buy any free fire in-game items/assets to your choice

How to get free diamonds in free fire?

To get free fire diamonds for free, we have created a dedicated post for this- Free fire free diamond


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