Free Account Free Fire | Garena Free Fire Accounts And Passwords

Free Account Free Fire | Garena Free Fire Accounts And Passwords

Free Account Free Fire | Garena Free Fire Accounts And Passwords.. free account free fire 2022 list | Garena Accounts Login And Passwords ; In the past few years, you’ve played Free Fire, the most downloaded and played game in a short period of time, published by Garena. Although the game has very similar features to pubg mobile, the goal in free fire is different. Not all players initially have any special outfits, and everyone has equal attributes. In Free Fire, clothes have no effect on the characters. Only certain characters have special powers. To get these squares, you need to have enough diamonds. Even if you have to pay for diamonds, our website has shared free fire free accounts with diamonds for you.

We shared garena free fire free accounts for our visitors who didn’t have enough purchasing power. As the Free Account Go family, we ask you to take only 1 account. These accounts are limited and we will try to add new one every day as best we can.  Free fire free account emails and passwords are clearly shared with you. If you’re not being greedy, everyone can get an account.

Free Fire Accounts Free 2022 Jan List

The list of accounts below has free fire account free emails and passwords. You can take and own any account you want. If you are late to get a Free Fire account, you can check our website again tomorrow. Because these accounts will be updated with new accounts every day. In case of an emergency, you can request an account by commenting on us. Our team will send you your free fire free account for 3 to 6 hours.

Free Fire Free Accounts Passwords
etdog_dpicla@hotmail.com Eduagdo1381
owdagoud.slim@gmail.com itilsantYk5
amdifo.soysa@mail.com Barca1932
powsay_fire@hotmail.com slimlokhed182
ondurcilk.twohs@mail.com hroundgo611
flixwarh_opan@hotmail.com 425735814
dargely.craft@gmail.com liftrefpam59
redrpil.cays@mail.com sricplian4747

Free Fire Free Accounts With Diamonds 2022

Diamonds are found in all garena free fire accounts listed. The accounts in this section are updated weekly due to the size of our team. Accounts have been obtained completely legally. Some accounts are purchased directly from users. Some accounts, on the other hand, are collected by checking free fire accounts from websites that publish free lists on the internet. All garena free fire accounts are working. With the accounts in this list, you will no longer need a free fire facebook id and password.

Free Fire Free Account Generator 2022

The free fire accounts free generator is a product of our website (freeaccountgo.com). The generator does not try to infiltrate the account when it is started. The generator stores the accounts we have previously purchased and shows the account to the running user after a certain time. In this way, we ensure that everyone takes an account. You just need to support us to run the generator.

Free Fire Accounts Generator!   

Free Fire free accounts generator

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Free Fire Account Free Directory

Most of you may not know the mobile game called Garena Free Fire. This game is a mobile Battle Royale game released for smartphones about two years ago. We can play this game on our Android and iOS devices. The game, which was released on December 4, 2017, currently has approximately 350 million players. If you have started this game, you are in the right place.

Let’s say you downloaded this game and played a few matches. Noticed that some features are confusing, right? Okay, it looks a lot like PUBG Mobile, but it differs in some ways. Here, we have prepared our Garena Free Fire starter guide to clear this confusion and provide you with useful information. You will learn a lot of information about this. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Garena Free Fire Beginners Guide!

Cosmetic items do not matter in this survival game. But the characters in the game are of great importance. In most games, cosmetic items are already for display purposes. They do not affect the game. So they won’t make you stronger. Cosmetic items here are sold with diamonds. Diamonds are purchased with real money. So there is no need for this. On the contrary, characters have an important place. There are 8 characters in total.

The first 2 heroes in the game are given to you for free. These are characters named Adam and Eve. There is nothing special about them. It is open to everyone. The other 6 characters have their own unique abilities and features. Let’s get to know them closely.

  • Misha: 2% faster drive.
  • Andrew: Vest takes 2% less damage.
  • Kelly: Running 1% faster.
  • Nikita: Submachine reloads weapons 4% faster.
  • Ford: Takes 4% less damage outside the safe zone.
  • Olivia: He can play other actors.

Of these characters, only Misha is unlocked with diamonds. You can unlock other characters with any currency. These stats and proportions will increase as you improve your characters. For example, Kelly starts with running 1% faster at first, while this character will increase up to 5% as he evolves and his level increases. For example, imagine Ford’s talent improved and his rate increased. It will be perfect for tactics lovers and players who play at borders.

Pay Attention To The Red Color!

You will see a red color appear on your screen at times in the game. This warning-like feature indicates that you are in danger. If you see this light on (in the middle of the screen), you have an enemy in front of you. That’s why you have to collect it yourself and shoot at the enemy at that moment. You can use this color and warning if you have trouble shooting enemies. It has officially been a support feature in the game.


The vehicles in the game are going very fast. You can use these tools both to escape and to get somewhere quickly. But my advice to you is never use the tools towards the end of the game. Because when you use these tools, everyone will see where they are. It shows your place. It will be best to use it early in the game. You can use tools sneakily. For example, after getting materials at the beginning of the game, jump into a vehicle and go far Wait for the nation to kill each other and go down to the field when few people remain.

Be quick

As soon as you land, try to equip yourself and find a nice place. Because as soon as you land, clashes will begin. Therefore, it will be useful to act quickly. When you land, my advice to you is to avoid war. Even if there are those who shoot and attack you, stay away. Because at the beginning of the game, it is completely based on luck. Be you, always focus on collecting loot.


Never stand still in the game like a statue. Since most people play this game on the phone, most of them stay still while shooting. Here you take care not to do this. You can even play this game with an emulator if you can. Not moving will make you a difficult target. In this way, you will not die and you can easily destroy the opponent. When you don’t see where the fire is coming from, run right and left and enter a safe place.

This is the end of our Garena Free Fire guide. I hope it has been a good guide for those who have just started the game. If you have anything to ask, you can ask by commenting. See you.

What is the Main Purpose in the Game?

Garena Free Fire is a walking game with simple Battle-Royale mechanics. It is a game where you start in an aircraft and proceed on a certain route and jump to the map below with a parachute. You can find various loot (items) in the area you jumped and add them to your inventory to be stronger in the game. Thanks to these items, you can give your opponents a hard time and by defeating them, you try to be among the surviving group at the end of the game.

Weapons and Armors

Garena Free Fire: There are various weapons and armor equipment on BOOYAH Day and they diversify among themselves. There are many types of weapons in the game, from heavy weapons to be used at the end of the game, light weapons effective in close combat, and also long-range scoped weapons that you can eliminate your opponents from very long distances. You can configure these weapons according to your game taste and use them in a mixed way. There are 2 weapon slots for use, which means you can use 2 weapons at the same time. In addition, armors are more prominent than weapons in the game. To survive in this type of game, you must access the highest level armor available in the game. Otherwise, you risk dying the moment you get shot.


There are 3 maps in the game named Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. By participating in the uninterrupted action on these maps, you can fight your opponents and try to be the first at the end of the game. Each map has its own features and equipment. You have to try all these maps and play for a long time in order to have more control of the game. In the Garena Free Fire game, mastering a single map will not be enough for you to play the game exactly.

Playing with Friends and In-Game Voice Chat

In Garena Free Fire: BOOYAH Day, you can add your friends in-game and send them an invitation. Supporting groups of up to 4 people, the game also has a conversation plug-in that allows you to have in-game voice chat. In this way, you can have an uninterrupted game experience with your friends and you can be the winner of the maps by having fun together.


There is a quality above the graphics in the style we are used to in the Free Fire game. You can really feel that you are playing a high-level game, whether it is the character coatings or the animation quality. In short, we can say that it has much clearer graphics compared to other mobile games.

Game Time

You can compete on maps with a total of 50 people in the game. These struggles last 10 minutes and the game time is sufficient for the players. This way, you can enter many more matches and get much more wins.

Garena Free Fire Accounts Free New List Jan 7,2022 [Updated]

This list will be updated daily. But not in content. As we discover new free fire accounts, we will add them to the list. Our aim here is to state that we are up to date. For this reason, we will constantly update the date. By bookmarking this page, you can check it daily.

Also, when requesting a garena free fire account, please consider that you are not the only one creating a request. Hundreds of people are requesting new accounts every day. We have a little difficulty sending an account. So please be patient when you request an account as a comment. The account will be sent within 1 day at the latest.

This applies to all accounts.


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