Pet Simulator X Script 2022 – AutoFarm Hack & MORE

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 – AutoFarm Hack & MORE

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 – AutoFarm Hack & MORE.. Pet Simulator X Script 2022 is a newly released free pet simulator x cheat. It is a script with many features such as Autofarm, walkspeed, free gamepass.

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 Features;

  • Main
    • Auto Farm Speed
    • Auto Farm
    • Instant / Auto Orb Pickup
    • Free Gamepasses
    • Auto Redeem Rank Rewards
  • Universal
    • Walk Speed
    • Jump Power
    • Anti AFK
  • Credits

I made the amount I’ll give below by just playing for half an hour. I have approximately 300 million gold coins, 1 million antique points and 40 thousand diamonds. By using this free pet simulator x cheat, you can improve quickly in the game and get the best pets. If you want to use other roblox cheats, you can type the game you want in the search box at the top right. For example, pet simulator.

pet simulator x value
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How to Use Pet Simulator X Hack?

  1. Click the “Visit Script Page” button
  2. Copy the script from ubuntu pastebin site
  3. Launch Pet Simulator X
  4. Start your executer
  5. Inject and Execute the Pet Simulator X Script!



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